The WowJournal

The WowJournal is a catalog of different captivating content spanning from amazing talent to tonnes of creative work ,founded by Samuel Kamugisha , a Ugandan Brand & Growth Strategist based in Malaysia, his major focus is to ignite creativity through inspiration.

Below are the two major inspirations that found the WowJournal :

1. Showcase unique talent ( “Wow Talent “) through the Wow Factor Podcast, they will be able tell their captivating stories and serve as foundation of inspiration to those that look up to them.

2. Showcase Jaw dropping adverts,campaigns & creative projects . His main inspiration to compile them is due to the intense exhaustion and complexity for creative professions to come up with “Wowy” solutions.





 Below are the two major categories of the WowJournal :

The WowFactor PodcastWow Factor show is a podcast that is hosted by Samuel Kamugisha that features a hosting of the diverse plethora of talent and highlighting the different amazing things they are doing to change the world.

The Topics covered include : Marketing , Business , Growth , Brand Strategy , Entrepreneurship , Entertainment , Arts & Creativity

 The WowCaseStudiesThe WowCatalog is a compilation of captivating Case studies, classy ad campaigns,captivating ads, creative concepts with an addition of Samuel’s “two cents” and highlighting what exactly Wowed him.
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