The WowCaseStudies

The WowCaseStudies are a compilation of amazing case studies that include Ad campaigns,captivating ads, creative concepts with an addition of Samuel’s “two cents” and highlighting what exactly Wowed him and why he thinks are the reasons for their success.

BMW - Electric -1

Sometimes Electric. Always BMW

BMW run the “Sometimes Electric. Always BMW” ad so as to introduce their new Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) cars that feature a fusion of a combustion petrol engine and an electric

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Like Father - Schweppes

Like Father (Schweppes)

As a child, the drinks we took then were more on the sweeter side of life and quite rich with flavour and the mere taste of Zesty drinks would be

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Roofings Eldery Man

Roofings at 25 Years

Roofings is one of the largest steel mills in Uganda, so as to celebrate their half Jubilee of existence, they created an iconic video ad that perfectly highlights the multiple

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The Pearl

The Pearl is an ad created by Loukman Ali that features Ntare Mwine, an acclaimed and celebrated actor from movies like Blood Diamond, Queen of Katwe and to mention but

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Monitor Newspaper at 20 years

The Monitor Newspaper one of Uganda’s leading newspapers, in commemoration of their 20th anniversary, they created a celebratory video ad that captured some of major landmarks in Uganda & headlines

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Go Back to Africa

Go Back to Africa

There are several negative biased narratives that are bestowed onto Africa though I won’t go into dissecting which specific ones they are since am more forward-thinking towards my country &

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Discover Uganda

Discover Uganda Video series

Discover Uganda is a video content series that shows an immersive experience of the different locations, cuisines, culture, environs and the wild outdoors of Uganda.  As a proud Ugandan watching

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We are on it - DirectLine

We’re On It – DirectLine

DirectLine is an insurance service provider in the UK. They launched a campaign dubbed “We’re On It” and this was intended to position it as a super-efficient insurance provider, that

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Many eye diseases are undetectable on the surface and are only traceable by an optometrist ,with this,the process of early treatment and prevention can be done early enough . So,Eyehealth1st,

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Unity Bar – Cadbury India 

Cadbury India released a limited edition multi-variant chocolate bar that featured 4 main chocolate flavours that included Dark, blended, milk and white and this was to celebrate the diversity of

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Fashion Care with Electrolux

Electrolux in Australia sought to redefine how washing machines are viewed, with a keen focus on fashion ( Australians spend significantly a lot on clothes than anyone else in the

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Born Mercurial – Fast by Nature

The  Born Mercurial – Fast by Nature (Nike Campaign) is custom-crafted for Nike’s football boot variant shoe line from the all-new Mercurial with revolutionary Flyknit-360 technology that has a deep-rooted

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