The Wowjournal was created to provide you with the foundational resources in order to ignite your amazing creativity so that you can change the world into a far better one than you found.

The WalkSessions & The WowFactor MashUp

The WalkSessions (knowledge on the go) is vlog content series, where Samuel shares his ideas on various topics related to business, strategy, creativity and many more.

Additionally, The WowFactor Mashup is a fusion of unique conversations from the WowFactor Podcast episodes addressing a specific topic.

The WalkSessions & WowFactor MashUp Content

Walksessions - Debunking my misconceptions of a brand

Debunking my misconceptions of a brand

Hi and welcome to another edition of the WalkSessions series and today we’re going to talk about the misconceptions I had about branding and a brand.  So back in the

WalkSessions 3 - Learnings from a failed business

My 3 key learnings from a failed business

Hi and welcome to the latest episode of the WalkSessions series and today it’s something different, I’ve got my headphones on, so, that’s something new.  As I was reflecting on

Walksessions - Episode 1 - Stages of Business Relationships

The 3 Stages of Business Relationships

I would like to welcome you to the first-ever session of the WalkSessions, a content series where information on the go. And it’s more like a new venture that I’m

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