How these 5 business leaders would like to be remembered

How these business leaders would like to be remembered

In celebration of the international women’s day, we have compiled 5 women business leaders and they give their account of the different things they are passionate about and how they would like to be remembered.

These are extracts from the different episodes of The WowFactor Podcast  with Samuel kamugisha


Rebecca Nanjego – Founder Swap & Talk & Thriftshop UG (Uganda)

I think I would like to be remembered as a person that loved and left everybody I met feelings feeling seen and heard. Yeah, I want that If I met somebody, whoever I interface, I want to leave them feeling like I heard them, like I saw them and I understand.

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Vaolah Amumpaire – Founder & CEO Wena Hardware (Uganda)

I would like to be remembered now, like what I set out to do as a young girl who, against all odds would not make it. But at least we’ve made this far so to the rest of the world, or whoever cares to remember me should know that. I mean, if she set out to do what she did, then anyone else can do it.

And, it’s more like an inspirational way of being remembered. But I think that’s how I would want to be remembered. A resilient Woman.

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Dr. Nataliey Bitature – Founder Musana Carts (Uganda)

I think, when I think about that, I feel like it should not be about me.

But I would like to be remembered for my work and what that did for women, It’s not so much about me as a person, I think, as a person. Of course, I wanted to remember there’s a kind person, someone who was there for the people in her life. Yeah, but I want to be remembered for pushing the agenda and changing things.

I want the world and the way women are perceived. African women, the challenges the situations the boxes were put in in my lifetime I don’t want to be the ones I live here.

By the time I’m old, let’s hope, very, very old and then gone, things should be different. The African girls that are being born today that are going through what we went through should not have the same experience.

They should have more opportunities. They should have more support.

They should have wilder, bigger dreams. I don’t want the 15 year old in Ibanda in 2070 to still be dreaming of going to Mbarara and having kids and eating chips.

If I can do anything to change that and to push that forward, that’s all I want to be remembered for.

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Stephanie Smolders – Marketing & Business Coach (Belgium)

Also for brands. But I’m also my own brand as to what is your vision in the long term, and for me, that would be very much that I inspire others to do what they want to do in terms of business and not what they think they have to do. So if you come from a working class environment.

For example, but you’ve always wanted to sell shoes. Just making up a random, example is that you go after your dream, go after what you really want.

And I would like to be remembered as an inspiring person, I would say, an inspiring brand that not only inspires you but helps you to get there as well by I want to inspire people to do what they want to do to go ask after the big dream and make it happen.

You can think about it for years and years, but it’s another thing to really put it out there and to be empowered by your own idea while empowering others.

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Dato’ Munirah Looi – CEO & Founder of Brandt International (Malaysia)

Well, I guess I started with looking at, you know, my purpose in my life has always been, creating impact, right. So I guess you know, I would like to be remembered as someone who has, in a small way, has created a positive impact in an individual.

May it be in their personal life. May it be in their career. I think that that would be something that I would see that would add meaning to what I have been doing all this while.

“So, in summary, you’d like to be someone who has had a purposeful impact in people’s lives.” Samuel

Yeah. Yeah, exactly. And it could be just a simple thing that I may have done I may have said, but it has I know helped and facilitated the person to kind of difficult situation or, you know giving insights in terms of, you know, paving a path for an individual.

I mean, I believe for that. I’m thankful that I have reached out and helped someone.


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