Midttrafik: The Bus Commercial


My first reaction when I saw the Midttrafik The Bus ad left me gasping for breath and nodding my head acceptance due to the interesting twist or upgraded perspective of Public Bus transportation. 

Oh well! let’s dive in, Midttrafik is the public bus transportation provider in Denmark. In 2012, they wanted to redefine the perception of public buses that are commonly known for being boring and thus created an award-winning Ad called The Epic Bus that gave a humorous view of public bus transport with their buses.

What Wowed me?

The music and voice over got me really excited, it kinda felt like I was watching the Avengers movie or something and my most favourite is how the bus operators are super cool :).

What shocked me the most is the gentleman that set his car ablaze and got aboard the bus. ( just set your car on fire and take the bus , lol )

After watching the Midttrafick Ad , am really anxious to go to Denmark and board one. 

What made this Ad successful?

The Ad generally does entertain and as well creates the anxiety to ride the Danish Bus and not forgetting the comical descriptions of the Unique selling points of the bus, so, I personally believe that their creative execution truly deserved the Epica d’Or award (in 2012).

Well, let’s go ride the bus 🙂



Agency : M2Film , Denmark

Director : Marc Wilkins

Script : Thomas Falkenberg