Sometimes Electric. Always BMW

BMW - Electric -1

BMW run the “Sometimes Electric. Always BMW” ad so as to introduce their new Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) cars that feature a fusion of a combustion petrol engine and an electric motor that grants the driver the “best of both worlds” (petrol and electric).

The ad concept featured the BMW Suv driving through the city at night and the car would switch between its normal mode and electric which was emphasised through the whole car body lighting up with neon lights.

BMW - Electric

The consistent drive through the city while switching in both modes showcases the stability in the car’s performance whether when you are running petrol or electric and thus the notion “Sometimes Electric. Always BMW”

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  • Advertising Agency: FCB Inferno, London, UK
  • Chief Creative Officer: Owen Lee
  • Senior Creative: Ben Usher
  • Senior Creative: Rob Farren
  • Strategy Partner: David Napier
  • Director of Production: Nikki Chapman
  • Producer: Charlie Coombes
  • Managing Partner: Katy Wright
  • Business Director: Helena Georghiou
  • Account Director: Rob Stockton
  • Production Company: Iconoclast Films
  • Director: Rob Chiu
  • Executive Producer: Tom Knight
  • Producer: Mikey Levelle
  • Offline Edit House: Cut & Run
  • Editor: James Rose
  • Post Production: The Mill
  • Sound: Wave Studios
  • Engineer: Martin Leitner
  • Media Agency (UK): Wavemaker