EP33 – Managing Effective Entrepreneurial Communities with Immy Julie Nakyeyune

Managing Effective Entrepreneurial Communities with Immy Julie Nakyeyune - WowFactor Podcast - Feature

In this 33rd episode of the WowFactor PodcastI feature Immy Julie Nakyeyune. She joins the WowFactor discussion to dive deeper into Managing Effective Entrepreneurial Communities.

Immy is Speaker, Global Goodwill Ambassador & the founder of Mkazipreneur, a community platform that promotes qualitative and quantitative women entrepreneurship through connecting, celebrating and empowering women entrepreneurs in Africa with a mission to close the gap of the untapped business potential of women in business by providing them with a community to grow from. 

In this interview with Immy, we go in-depth on:

  1. The founding story of Mkazipreneur.
  2. Challenges faced while starting and managing Mkazipreneur.
  3. How to increase the number of women entrepreneurs in Uganda.

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