EP29 – Digital Media Access in Africa with Ivan Mark Kyeyune

Digital Media Access in Africa with Ivan Mark Kyeyune - WowFactor Podcast

In this 29th episode of the WowFactor PodcastI feature Ivan Mark Kyeyune the Commercial Director of Albayan Media Limited trading as YOTV Channels, a leading one-stop centre for the best Ugandan live Television and Radio content accessible on a smartphone, tablet or computer anywhere at any time!  

In this discussion, we take a deep dive into Digital Media Access in Africa.

In this interview with Ivan, we go in-depth on:

  1. The idea behind founding YOTV
  2. Challenges faced in the management of YOTV and the solutions.
  3. Steps to boost local content adoption in Ugandan.

Listen via: Anchor , Spotify , Apple Podcasts , Radio Republic 


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