EP21 – Entrepreneurship in Asia with Dato’ James Foo

Dato' James Foo - WowFactor Podcast - Feature

In this 21st episode of the WowFactor Podcast, I feature Dato’ James Foo, he has founded 80+ startups in 13 industries, across 3 countries with four acquiring IPOs (Initial Public Offers), he has closed over 90+ deals globally with the largest valuing at USD600 Million, he is also an author of 2 books and the founder of two interesting ventures Authority Institute & New Profits.

This episode is centred around the main topic of “Entrepreneurship in Asia”

In this interview with Dato James Foo, we will go in-depth on:

  1. The best time to start a business
  2. Why Businesses fail and how to mitigate failure.
  3. The difference between Growth and Scale of businesses
  4. And so much more


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