EP22 – Starting a Food Centric Ecommerce store with Khalid Gibran

Khalid Gibran - WowFactor Podcast - Feature

In this 22nd episode of the WowFactor PodcastI feature Khalid Gibran hailing from Sri Lanka, he is a Director at Xclusive Promotions, the Group CEO & Director of Retail ROI and the founder & executive director of his latest venture  “MyCookingStory“, a community of home cooks in Malaysia that provides a targeted e-commerce store with quality cookware at affordable rates.

This episode is centred around the main topic of “Starting a Food Centric E-commerce store”.

In this interview with Khalid Gibran, we will go in-depth on:

  1. Challenges he faced when starting MyCookingStory
  2. Why do e-commerce businesses fail
  3. The future of e-commerce especially to food-centric businesses
  4. And many more

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