EP25 – Effective Personal Branding with Dr.Natalia Wiechowski

Dr.Natalia Wiechowski - WowFactor Podcast - Feature

In this 25th episode of the WowFactor PodcastI feature Dr.Natalia Wiechowski, a Doctor of Philosophy and an Executive coach ( Forbes Coaches Council Member ). She additionally has a Master of Arts (Social Science) degree from the Leibniz University in Hanover, Germany.

At the age of 29 at the peak of her career, she quit her corporate job and went on a 9 month Sabbatical, this changed the way she thinks, speaks and acts.

She has a strong focus on coach-sulting people who have left corporate to do their own thing, this is umbrellaed in her Brand called ThinkNatalia.

In this episode with Dr Natalia Wiechowski, we tackle the topic ” Effective personal branding”

In this interview with Dr. Natalia, we go in-depth on:

  1. Definition of Effective Personal Branding
  2. Unmasking common misconceptions of personal branding
  3. Challenges faced by people when building personal brands and the possible solutions
  4. Effective ways to build a personal brand without breaking the bank.
  5. And many more.




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