The WowFactor Podcast

WowFactor Podcast is a podcast hosted by Samuel Kamugisha that features a diverse plethora of talent highlighting the different amazing things they are doing to change the world. The Topics covered include : Marketing , Business , Growth , Brand Strategy , Entrepreneurship , Entertainment , Arts & Creativity

Here is what our guests have to say

Franklin Morias - WowFactor Testimonial

I enjoyed interacting with Samuel in the important issues of leadership during times of crisis.

Franklin Morais

Rebecca Nanjego - WowFactor Testimonial

I felt comfortable, Samuel picked up questions based on our conversation and didn’t necessarily stick to the script. It was free-flowing in a nice way

Rebecca Nanjego

Ashley Grandisch - WowFactor Testimonial

It was such a good experience to take part in the WowFactor Podcast. The organizers made the whole process easy and fun. I appreciate the exposure and opportunity to share about Emotional Intelligence for leaders in the corporate world. I hope the listeners received good insights from our session! I highly recommend the WowFactor.

Ashley Grandisch

Vaolah Amumpaire - WowFactor Testimonial

It was an amazing hearty yet professional conversation, one that presented an opportunity to go down the memory lane on things that have over time contributed to my current position as an individual and business.

Vaolah Amumpaire

Karyl Factora - WowFactor Testimonial

It didn’t feel like an interview and more like a conversation. I enjoyed every minute of it!

Karyl Factora

Keep up the great work Samuel and keep on inspiring your listeners!

Jimmy Lee

Tony Ayebare - WowFactor Testimonial

I had a great time and would wish to do it again

Ayebare Tony

I had an amazing experience! Samuel is very friendly and humble. I learn a lot about myself and interviews through this podcast!

Kenneth Chan Mun Kean

Geofrey Mutabazi - WowFactor Testimonial

The Wow Factor Podcast enabled me to tell Charge Ko’s origin story and gave us the opportunity to share what we are working on at the moment and what the future holds.

Mutabazi Geofrey

Carissa Morais - WowFactor Testimonial

Speaking with Sam was very easy, perhaps it is because we’re friends. The casual and real vibe felt very authentic and I was thankful to be even considered as a speaker.

Carissa Morais

Business and Enterprise are a solution to many of the challenges faced in society today, the wow factor podcast did help shed light on some of the bottlenecks, with solutions.

Isaac Kanagwa

Khalid Gibran - WowFactor Testimonial

The questions were well rounded, profound and provocative to say the least. In actual fact it brought out the best of me! Great questioning Samuel!

Khalid Gibran

Nataliey Bitature - WowFactor Testimonial

He was very polite and very well organised. It was such a lovely podcast experience.

Dr. Nataliey Bitature

Dr Natalia Wiechowski - WowFactor Testimonial

Keep up the great work!

Dr. Natalia Wiechowski

Aloysius Oo Bok Leong - WowFactor Testimonial

The interview was very smooth and not tense. Sam, gave me a set of questions for me to prepare way ahead of the interview. During the interview, Sam jumped around the questions to create a smooth flow after each question. This made the interview just like a normal conversation. Of course, if it was not because of the Pandemic it would have been even more enjoyable to have a face-to-face interview session. Great to speak to my friend as well after such a long time. Sam’s podcast is highly recommended if you get to be on it.

Aloysius Oo Bok Leong

Lee Swee Lin - WowFactor Testimonial

Thank you for having me as part of the podcast. It was great talking to Sam, sharing on the areas that I love and interest!

Lee Swee Lin

Mark Ivan Kyeyune - WowFactor Testimonial

A very good host who makes you feel relaxed

Mark Ivan Kyeyune

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