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Episode 36 - with Justin Janowski

In this 36th episode of the WowFactor Podcast, I feature Justin Janowski. He joins the WowFactor discussion to dive deeper into leading a successful coaching business.

The WowCaseStudies

This is a compilation of amazing case studies that include Ad campaigns,captivating ads, creative concepts with an addition of Samuel’s “two cents” and highlighting what exactly Wowed him and why he thinks are the reasons for their success.

Latest Case Studies!

Go Back to Africa

Go Back to Africa

There are several negative biased narratives that are bestowed onto Africa though I won’t go into dissecting which specific ones they are since am more forward-thinking towards my country &

AIB Bank

Seeing is Believing – AIB Mortgage

The mortgage application process can be a very daunting task with lots of paperwork to fill in and this has the capability of discouraging some people for taking on the

Discover Uganda

Discover Uganda Video series

Discover Uganda is a video content series that shows an immersive experience of the different locations, cuisines, culture, environs and the wild outdoors of Uganda.  As a proud Ugandan watching

A Catalogue of free resources

The Wowjournal was created to provide you with the foundational resources in order to ignite your amazing creativity so that you can change the world into a far better one than you found.

Here is what our guests have to say

The WowJournal

This is a catalog of different captivating content spanning from amazing talent to tonnes of creative work ,founded by Samuel Kamugisha , a Brand & Growth Strategist based in Malaysia, his major focus is to ignite creativity through inspiration.

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